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100% virgin Remy hair:

Hand-picked & refined 

100% real human hair that shines with health and feels soft to the touch. This ensures natural bounce, elasticity, and a gloriously natural look.

Easy to restyle & color 

You can lighten, darken, dye, cut, heat-style and treat your virgin Remy hair extensions, just like your natural hair.

Non-silicone coated hair

We don’t resort to temporary solutions like silicone coated hair that makes poor quality hair extensions shine before they become dull, dry, tangled, and unmanageable. We offer high quality that lasts long and doesn’t need silicone coating.

Thinnest PU adhesive 

polyurethane adhesive means you benefit from the thinnest and most flexible tape in extensions.

Long and thick hair is every woman's dream, allow us to make it happen. Whether your hair is damaged, short, or thin we have the perfect professional solution that will give you the celebrity look that lasts and hassle free.


NH uses the leading hair enhancing products that allow you the flexibility to customize each extension to match your specific needs. Our Hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair which means you can dye and restyle your hair extensions just like your natural hair. 


NH offers all types of hair extensions from quick clip-ins to semi permanent extensions which can be applied to natural hair in less than an hour. The results are customized, seamless, and comfortable hair extensions with flat attachments that blend flawlessly and invisibly with natural hair. Our ultra-thin adhesive wefts are made of a medical grade adhesive that causes no tension and feels completely flat on the head. 

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