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CLASSIC MANICURE  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
CLASSIC PEDICURE  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Classic Manicure

It starts off with hands soak, followed by cuticle care, nail trimming, filing, shaping, buffing, and oiling, along with a relaxing hand and wrist moisturizing massage and Finishing off with a polish color of your choice.

Classic Pedicure

Our signature nail experience is luxurious from start to finish. A warm foot soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub, cuticle and nail care, a relaxing and moisturizing foot and calf massage, and a fresh coat of polish leaves your feet and toes in top condition.

GEL & ACRYLIC  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
NAIL EXTENSIONS  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Gel and Acrylic

Choose between gel or acrylic and let our qualified nail technicians make your hands stand out with the most natural-looking nail enhancement.

Nail Extensions

We offer all types of nail extensions that can instantly transform your nails from super short to a set of red carpet-ready nails, so you can flaunt your nails with confidence! 

CLASSIC NAIL POLISH  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
GEL POLISH  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Nail Polish 

Who said a small change wouldn’t make a difference! Choose from a wide array of colors, highest quality nail polishes, including breathable polish, and throw some change into your daily routine.

Gel Polish

It performs like gel yet applied like polish. Gel polish lasts up to 3 weeks with a high shine, no chipping, no peeling, no maintenance, and no damage to the natural nail.

NAIL ART  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
CLASSIC FRENCH OR OMBRE  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Nair Art

Nail art is a form of self-expression. From detailed designs, abstract art to stones and bejeweled tips, our artistic technicians can turn your nails into a masterpiece, perfectly curated to match your unique persona.

Classic French or French Ombré

The elegance of simplicity.

TREATMENTS  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
REFLEXOLOGY  Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Nail treatments


Callus remover 

Nail strengthening treatment


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and energizing holistic therapy in which pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot that help alleviate various ailments in the body and reduce anxiety.

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